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Bruce A Johnson Jr


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excellent lawyer  Professional support staff Mr. Johnson took a step in my legal rights. The combination of experience and skill is of great value and this company has everything.

12/26/2020 03:36pm



Editorial: I don't know who "us" and "us" are, but you're the only practitioner who is pretending to be an employee's law firm. Stop.

The incident you gave me was genuine. I spoke to your client. I chased after his case on the news. He was sentenced to an outrageous judgment. He never saw the sun again, nor killed anyone. It only stole the car and hurt Vain's numbers. He would have been a better defense counsel because he knew that you were a scammer because he met other victims in the project I was working on.

We have talked about your dark deals in detail.

Original: I would like to work hard to become an ethical person, just as you were trying to get rid of your dirt. You're a con man. You give the merry-land-bar a bad name

12/30/2020 07:25pm



This is the worst excuse for a lawyer. Don't give me the money! !!! I hired him to postpone the seizure, but he did nothing at all. Part of our contract was to make a purchase contract for him. The purchase agreement he sent included other customer information. He didn't adjust the contract to my needs over time. He took my money and ran. If you think he's a lawyer, don't do it! !! We will call the bar association and file a complaint with the appropriate organization. I recommend that all people deceived him do the same thing.

12/28/2020 03:41am



I (Evelyn K.E.) Without this plea, Did called Bruce Johnson twice and was not immediately informed that Bruce Johnson had left the country. I also did not receive a "Out of Office" reply to the email I sent for status updates. For a long time, when you leave the city, most professionals contact their customers and voters by phone or email to avoid this situation. Customers often communicate with each other after nearly two weeks of service. When I asked the VA bar for his position, I suddenly got several answers. At that time, especially if it is different from the result of the first consent to the case, I did not need to answer. At that time, I had zero confidence in the ability of this company to do anything. The $1,400 (not refunded) plan to file a lawsuit against the Condos Federation in Fairfax County, but never happened. Just reveal the facts.

12/28/2020 04:03pm



Run! !!don't leave this man! !! Trust all of the following comments: I'd rather be a lawyer than this guy! !!!! You pay more than cricket! !Mia! More than blame for lack of communication! ! A few days before the trial, he won't ask you for more money or discuss your case! Extend the date of two courts. Not ready. Change MIA again until you get MIA closer to the next trail date and take more money from you! ! He sends a false promise and insists that it is as promised! He's a villain! !! Get away! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't lose money! !!!I'll put it for a good price, but don't drop it! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don't believe it, read the comment! !!! He returns bs and comments! Don't believe me! !! You don't have to turn the stars before you post! ! Stars! !!!

12/25/2020 03:35am